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Get Off Your Tail and Homestead

The COMPLETE System for taking your to the City to the Homestead

128 Pages of the Get Off Your Tail and Homestead ebook, along with the 23 Step Workbook right at your finger tips.

We will help you bust through the mindset gaps and questions that we all ask:

  • Income: How do I create an income so I can work from my homestead property?
  • Investments: Learn the truth about money and how you can create value that people NEED!
  • How to Buy Land: The million dollar question.

What People Are Saying:

If you're serious about learning how to be financially free and start your homesteading dream, this is the book for you. Reading about the Brotherton's lifestyle (how they are actually living it!) and how it worked for them is encouraging and a breath of fresh air. Building your homestead dream can be done! Through transparency, integrity, and honesty, Beau walks you through so many things that you may have already experienced on your journey, or things you can expect to experience. Not only is it informational, easy to read, and witty, it also forces the reader to be active with a workbook that helps them work through questions and evaluate their current situations. This is a major bonus and help to the reader who can finally see how to live their homestead dream on paper right in front of them! Seriously, this book is amazing.

Amy Fewell - Homesteaders of America Creator

Get Off Your Tail and Homestead is not just a book, it is a call to action! Beau challenges and coaches the reader through a life redesign process to better enable achieving their pursuits of personal liberty and realizing their dream of homesteading.

Dan Ohmann - Grassfed Homestead