Better Together Homestead


Better Together Homestead


A full-time family building a Texas Homestead....from SCRATCH! We are learning as we go transforming raw land and little by little. The goal: create a place that is sustainable with a little bit of wild left for our 5 kids! Years ago, we have sold everything we owned to move from the Houston Suburbs to just outside of Austin and it’s like a whole new world. Instead of a traditional home, we had the brilliant idea to convert a shed into a house. We actually did it…TWICE!

This is the podcast for the wannabe homesteader and those getting their ducks in a row to do the darn thing! We’ll share the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you’re an aspiring homesteader, join the conversation right here each week!

Latest Episodes

We are Back, Pregnant, & Bought a Milk Cow

Yup!  With Kelly being 5 months pregnant we did the unthinkable....we bought a $2500 Jersey milk cow!!


How to Quit the Rat Race & Homestead

It is one of the questions that we get asked all of the time.  "How do you make enough money from home in order to run a homestead?"


Untold Story of Returning to the Land

Life in the city is not for us, and it is probably not for YOU!  Here is the full story of how we went from struggling in suburbia to having the Less Stress, More Freedom life!


Your Texas Homestead Friends 

Podcast hosts

Beau Brotherton

A video producer by trade, Beau has always thrown himself completely into whatever he is into in the moment. In 2013, that thing he was into became homesteading. And it stuck. He has a hunger to cultivate traditional homestead skills and pass them to his kids as they steward the land on their seven acres. But he isn’t one to keep a secret.

The podcast is the perfect place to spill the beans and open the gates for other families to step out of the rat race and onto their forever homesteads.

Kelly Brotherton

Her mom would say she has been breaking the mold since she could pack her bags with snacks and runaway to the corner with her soccer cleats. There are few times that Kelly sits still in compliance when she could rightly stick it to the man. So her days are filled with mothering her wild ones and intentionally living a slow and steady life with them. Gardening and baking have become loved past times and preserving the harvest each year is a skill she is currently leveling up on.

She wants folks to dare to be different than the standard American who is knee deep in debt and sick from keeping up with the Joneses. Podcasting for Kelly is a way to encourage folks who listen that you can bust out of your day to day if it just doesn’t fit you anymore!

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